Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015 Goals

It's the beginning of the month, so its time for GOOOOAAAAALLLLLLSSSSSSSS!!!!!

But first lets check in on last months goals.

September 2015 Goals

1.Complete Results, Chapter 2, Thesis
2. Sending Draft of thesis to committee (mid Sept)
3. Begin preparations for defense presentation
4. Find TAship/Start TAing
5. Attend PCSGA (Network, view other presentations, work on presentation)
6. Submit Chapter 1 to JSR
7. Go camping!

How I did:

1. DONE!
2. DONE!
3. DONE!
4. DONE!
5. DONE!
7. DONE!


Awesome lets see if I can beat that high score with this months goals. 

October 2015 Goals

1.  Complete Defense Presentation
2. Practice Defense Presentation
4. Work on thesis edits!
5. Work on Chapter 1 edits for resubmission!
6. Work on Chapter 2 edits for submission!
7. Turn 29!
8. Supply UW Bee Club with lots of beer!
9. Win Winter Warmer Competition!

Also if anyone is interested in watching my thesis defense it will be 

Wednesday October 14th
12:00 PM PST
FSH 203

You can view a live stream of it here:

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  1. Jake, a great job and good luck with your thesis defense!