Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 18 2015 EZNA Gel Run

Today I ran the gel with the EZNA isolated DNA from frozen samples which I did yesterday. You can read the blogpost here. The sample quality looked much better than with the DNAzol or the Qiagen kit. It's still heavily degraded but there appears to be high molecular weight material in the isolation.

The gel was made with 75 ml Low TAE and 0.65 g Agarose. I also added 7.5 ul EtBr for staining.

Gel Layout
SampleLadder1H13-16 91H13-16 101H13-16 111H13-16 12LadderEmptyEmpty

It looks like the Omega kit does a really good job of isolating high molecular weight DNA from the frozen samples. This kit still has 46 reactions left in it. The entire protocol with 4 oysters took about 3 hours yesterday. I'm assuming with 10-20 oysters it will probably increase to 4-5 hours. I can isolate 10-20 samples at a time to keep the pace reasonable and still get good results if we want to pursue this course of action. 

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