Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 24 2015 EZNA Seed Isolation Gel Run

I ran a subset of the samples from yesterday. The samples were HL 1-6. The DNA looks very degraded still. There were only two of the 6 that I would consider usuable, 2 were questionable, and 2 were fully degraded. Moving forward, it looks like the EZNA kit can salvage usuable samples from some of the seed but not all of them. This is pretty similar to the Qiagen 96 Well Plate kit in this instance. Since we've already ordered the 200 reaction kit for the EZNA and I've processed 20 dabob seed and am processing another 20 Fidalgo seed today it seems only reasonable to continue using this kit.

Gel Protocol:

75 ml Low TAE with 0.6 g Agarose and 7.5 ul EtBr.

Run at 120 V for 55 minutes.

10 ul Ladder, 20 ul sample mixed with 3 ul loading dye.

Gel Layout:
SampleLadderHL 1HL 2HL 3HL 4HL 5HL 6Ladder

Gel with Dabob Seed DNA Isolation

Close up of High Molecular Weight Material. 

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