Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 28 2014 Manchester Repro Check

Manchester WA

Mid 60s

Started partly cloudy and warm, then rained later in the day while finishing the last tray check.

Took temperatures while the temp probe still worked. Probe failed halfway through the day due to being doused with salt water.

Followed procedure listed in the Reproduction Anesthesia SOP. Modified the procedure at the end by eliminating the time for the final tray to recover due to the torrential rain.

Also took salinity of the water collected as well as the treatment salinity.

Temps as follows:
Seawater for pre treatment in C
Initial:          13.1
45 min:       19.5
1.5 hrs:       23.8

Treatment Temps in C
Initial:          15.3
45 mins:       21.2
1.5 hrs:        23.5

Salinity (taken during initial collection/treatment creation)
Seawater:   26.5 ppt
Treatment:  68.5 ppt

Brooding Conditions as follows:
Brood    0
Gaping   43
Dead      9

Brood    0
Gaping   27
Dead      0

Brood     0
Gaping    54
Dead      15

There were two oysters in 4H5-8 and three in 4N5-8 that looked like candidated for brooding due to darkened gill tissues. Rinsed all 5 thoroughly with seawater in to 52 um screen but collected nothing. Gill tissue color did not change. I assumed these animals were not brooding based on this.

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