Friday, February 13, 2015

2 13 2015 oyster bay sample move

Oyster Bay Wa
1030 am to 1 pm
Mid 50s foggy.

Moved the samples today from the calm fresh dock to the taylor mussel raft. 

Checked the samples quickly for mortality. Low to no mortality in each container. All animal look good and healthy. Fidalgo animals look much larger than the other two pops. They are also super dense. They feel like they weigh 50-75 grams. Compared to oyster and dabob which feel between 30-50 grams. 

Due to time constraints for the taylor boat, I was not able to image any populations for size. I pulled the logger data on both tags.  Samples were hung on the taylor rafts with bright orange tags with contact info.

Finally the new dock at crab fresh will be completed by the end of march. I plan to move the samples back from the taylor raft in mid april.

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