Monday, August 3, 2015

August 2015 Goals

Since its the beginning of the month, its time for GOALS! Before I write this months goals, I need to see how I did on last months goals.

July Goals:
  1. Finalize analysis script for R to produce expression data and graphs. 
  2. Edit Mat/Meth
  3. Edit Chapter 1
  4. Produce Graphs 
  5. Re-run a host of qPCR with fine tuned protocol to produce consistent data. 
  6. Write Results
  7. Write Intro/Discussion
  8. Complete Thesis Rough Draft
How I did:

1. I didn't finalize the script but I did get it written and I'm improving it to better my analysis. 
2. Edited Mat/Meth but I am still writing it.
3. I edited Chapter 1
4. I produced some graphs but they need improvement
5.Re-ran a ton of qPCR as well as create a new Normalization primer
6.I haven't written the results because I don't have any
7.Intro/Discussion is on the back burner until I get the results
8.Thesis completion is on hold until Chapter 2 is completed

August 2015 Goals

1.Complete Analysis of qPCR data
2. Write Results
3. Complete Chapter 2
4. Complete Thesis
5. Schedule New Defense Date
6. Get TA position for the fall
7. Drink some delicious Flying Bike beer. 


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