Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 11 2014 Manchester Repro

Manchester WA

Temps Mid 60's to High 70s

Participants: Joelle Blais and Jake Heare

Used the Anesthesia SOP to check for brooding larvae. I modified this per Steven and Brent's suggestions to temperature control via adding ice blocks to the solution as well as insulate the tub with 2 inch styrofoam insulation with foil top and bottom. Much to my surprise not only did the insulation work, kept water within 1 degree of ambient with out ice blocks, it actually lowered the temps of the treatment when ice blocks were added (2 degrees below ambient). I believe this insulation and ice blocks method will be the way to go from here on out. Even on the warmest days I see it insulating the tubs very well.

Numbers as follow:

Temps in C


Initial        9
45 min      15
1.5 hrs      19


Initial     11
45 min   11
1.5 hrs    10
2.25 hrs   8

Initial       11
45 mins    13
1.5 hrs     15

Salinity in ppt

Pretreatment      25
Treatment          65
Recovery           25

Brood Collection

Brood     0
Gapin      63
Dead       2
Closed     31

Brood       0
Gaping      49
Dead         12
Closed       37

Brood      0
Gaping     41
Dead        8
Closed     12

One male in the 4H group had sperm within its shell. I assume these animals are attempting to spawn though water temps seem to be below expectation.

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