Monday, June 16, 2014

Temperature Logger Readings from May to Mid June 2014

Last week I pulled temperature data from the logger pendants out in the field using the Shuttle. Everything performed stellarly and I have the temp graphs on the computer. I'll go by site for each temp graph.

Manchester, WA

From the temperature readings it appears that Manchester has stayed below the 12.5 C mark for most of the logging period. Only recently have temperatures crested the 12.5 mark and stayed that way for several days. It may be soon that the animals will begin spawning and brooding (or spawned within the last week or so). 

Oyster Bay, WA

From this data and the amount of brooders we have seen at Oyster Bay, its clear that temps have been above the 12.5 C mark  since early May. This again correlates with expectations and as temperatures steadily increase I believe we may see a slowing of reproduction due to stress demands. 

Fidalgo Bay, WA

Contrary to the observations in the field, it seems that Fidalgo bay has been much warmer since the beginning of June. Though it does look like in early May there was a warm period for several days. As of June 1st temperatures crested the 12.5 C mark and headed into spawning temps. We saw our first brooder approximately 6 days after that and saw a large number of brooders approximately 12 days after temps went above 12.5. Though temps have somewhat decreased recently I believe we will continue to see spawning across the board.

Overall I think that the populations are responding to temperature cues nicely, though it does seem that North sound respond quickly to temperature increases. The south sound animals seem to have nearly synchronous spawning during warm periods which would be of obvious benefit in South Sound where temps continue to increase and only stay within the spawning window for a short amount of time. The dabob animals seem to have reduced response to temperature cues and do not actively spawn unless temps are somewhat stable for a duration of time. 

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