Thursday, June 12, 2014

6 12 2014 oyster bay repro

Shelton wa
Mid 60s partly cloudy to rainy
Participants:  L. Christine savolainen  and Jake heare

Used anesthesia sop with insulation and semi frozen ice blocks. No change in Temps the entire time. Weather definitely helped. Found several more brooders. Some were below the 20 mm mark.

***Update*** I forgot to mention that I also jumped in the water today during lowtide and hunted underneath the docks to find the lost stack of trays. I was unable to find them. I used a 6 ft pole to feel underneath the lower parts of the dock as well as grab items I found. I pulled out half a dozen shell bags and 1 set of oyster growout cages. Our stacks are long gone. It might be possible to search further under the docks with a diver but I couldn't risk my safety going any further under the docks. At this point in time, its probably safe to assume that we will be unable to ever recover the missing trays. 

Numbers as follow:

Initial.  15
45 min. 15
1.5 hrs.   15

Initial.       13
45 min.      13
1.5 hrs.      13
2.25 hrs.     13

Initial.        13
45 min.       13
1.5 hrs.        13

Pretreatment.        26
Treatment.              64
Recovery.               26

Brood collection
Brood.    3
Gaping.   63
Dead.       11
Closed.     6
#          size.           Sick
1.            27.            W
2.            26.              W
3.            19.             W

Brood.      2
Gaping      48
Dead.        8
Closed.     1
#               size.            Sick
1.                32.               Grey
2.                20.              W

Brood.         1
Gaping.       86
Dead.            8
Closed.         1
#         size.          Sick
1.         19.             W

Many males with semen in all treatments.

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