Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6 4 2014 Manchester Repro Check

Manchester WA

Mid 60s to Low 70s

Followed the Anesthesia SOP to check for brooding oysters. Found no brooders. Water temperatures we also quite low. Last week the surface water temp was around 13 C. This week it was closer to 8 C. I think the bay underwent another turn over event which may lead to either a much later spawn timing for the oysters or an abortive spawn which we will not catch. 

Numbers as Follows:

Temps (Celsius)
Initial       8
45 min     9 
1.5 hrs.    10

Initial         7
45 min     10
1.5 hr       12
2.25 hr      12

Initial      8
45 min    9
1.5 hr     9

Salinity (ppt)
Initial          28
Treatment   63
Recovery    28

Brood Check
Brood    0
Gaping  60
Dead     3

Brood     0
Gaping    43
Dead       15

Brood    0
Gaping   55
Dead      11

Also toured the new hatchery at Manchester with Ryan, saw a chipmunk, and the canadian goose on the docks hatched 4 of it 5 eggs. They goslings were adorable.

Brooding Olys in Hatchery

Flow through with bong screen to catch Oly larvae. 

Various flowthroughs for brooding Olys

Oly larvae (invisible)

Larval Tanks and Ryan's Gesticulation


Baby Goslings!

Clam Bay with glassy surface waters!

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