Monday, June 1, 2015

June 2015 Goals

So before I state what this month's goals are, I will briefly mention how I did on last months goals.

May 2015 Goals
  1. Process samples to produce cDNA for qPCR
  2. Run qPCR using primers for HSP70, Actin, and other interesting primers
  3. Edit the Materials and Methods section
  4. Write the Results sections of my next manuscript
  5. Begin writing the Intro/Discussion
  6. Prepare for my wedding

How I did May 2015:
1. I processed the 310 samples but Sam White processed my samples. There hasn't been cDNA made from all of them but that's okay cause I'm still testing primers.

2. I ran test qPCR's for HSP70, Actin, and the other primers I generated. Some worked, some didn't. I haven't been able to do the formal qPCR run due to some complications of population differences. 

3. I have made minor edits to the Materials and Methods but no where near what they should be. Will be work on that soon. 

4. I have no results as of yet. 

5. I cannot begin with Intro/Discussion

6. I have prepared a ton for the wedding. 

June 2015 Goals

Run qPCR tests with chosen flanking primers and sequence expression
Run qPCR tests with chosen primers to reflect populations level differences
Edit Materials/Methods
Write Results
Have committee meeting 
Write Intro/Discussion
Get Married!

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  1. Nice job Jake, good luck with your program, see you in wedding!