Thursday, August 14, 2014

8 14 14 Oyster Bay Repro Check

Shelton WA

Mid 60's to low 70s mostly cloudy

Performed the anesthesia SOP with insulation on the treatment tub. Weather permitted me to not have to use a tarp or ice blocks. There were no brooders in any population. This is due to the incredibly high innundation of mussels. I cleaned off 95% of the mussel and barnacle mass on the trays and oysters. Hopefully this will allow the animals to feed and reproduce freely. The fouling mass that I removed weighed almost 20 lbs. It was quite impressive. I suggest checking this tray again in September as well as having a general clean up for the other two trays since there would be a lot of mussels on them as well. Surprisingly there were no dead animals as well. I assume the mussels just inhibited reproduction but not feeding. Also relaunched the hobo logger that I thought was possibly damaged. It works fine as of Tuesday (8/12)  so we'll check it in the future.

Numbers as follow.

Temps in C

Initial       13
45           14
1.5          15

Initial       11
45           10
1.5          11
2.25        11

Initial       15
45           17
1.5          18

Salinity in ppt
Pretreatment     27
Treatment         72
Recovery          27

Brood Collection

Brood    0
Gaping   59
Dead      0
Closed   6

Brood    0
Gaping   65
Dead      0
Closed   5

Brood     0
Gaping    52
Dead      0
Closed    0

Pics have tube label and calipers on tile with closed animals. All other tiles are gaping.

This is what a summer of field work does to new boots.

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