Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8 6 2014 Manchester Repro check

Manchester WA

Hi 60s to Low 80s

Performed the anesthesia SOP with insulation and ice blocks on the treatment tub and tarp on the pretreatment and recovery tubs. Forgot my work box when I was packing yesterday and had to borrow a digital thermometer, ruler, refractometer, and notebook from Doug and Andy at the NOAA facility. The thermometer read in Fahrenheit and the refractometer hadn't been calibrated recently. The readings from both seemed accurate enough though the Temp readings will need to be converted to Celsius at some point. As for spawning, the animals at Manchester seem to be increasing their spawning efforts as the next tidal cycle approaches. I had 4 brooders in the southern pop and 2 in the dabob pop, all of pretty good quality. It wouldn't surprise me with the temperatures that if the current temperatures remain through the middle of September these animals might continue spawning until they are forced to stop by temp influence.

Numbers as Follow:

Temps in F
Initial    64
45        66
1.5       67

Initial    68
45        69
1.5       70
2.25     69

Initial   61
45       63
1.5      64

Salinity in ppt
Pretreatment      33
Treatment          65
Recovery           34

Brood Collection

Brood   2
Gaping  77
Dead     12
Closed  5

#    Size    Sick
1     24      W
2     24      W

Brood     0
Gaping    45
Dead       4
Closed    5

Brood     4
Gaping    50
Dead       11
Closed    7

#    size    sick
1    24      W
2    22      W
3    25      W
4    25      Grey

Pics are of all animals. Brooders are between purple ruler and tube label. Closed are on the same tile as brooders. Gaping animals are on all other tiles. Some crossover due to adhered animals on tiles.

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