Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8 19 2014 ImageJ Analysis

FTR 230

Hi 60s to low 70s sunny

Participants: Sam Adams and Jake Heare

Sam showed me how to do the ImageJ measurements on the trays today as well as complete several of the trays. The procedure is quite simple.

  1. Open original image in ImageJ
  2. Select line tool
  3. Using on tray size standard (calipers or tile) draw a line
  4. Click M to save after each measurement
  5. repeat this 5 times on the size standard
  6. On each oyster start at the edge of the umbo and draw a line to the furthest point on the bill. 
  7. Click M to save each measure
  8. Proceed measure all oysters in a logical manner from left to right in each quadrant. 
  9. Once all have been measure click Save As in Results window
  10. Save file with the tray label followed by date followed by the word Raw.
  11. Open file in Excell
  12. To get the size conversion you must average of the first 5 "Area" measurements.
  13. Then divide the known size of the Size standard. (10 mm on calipers, 6 inches for tile) by the average you get from the firt 5 measurements.
  14. Using the conversion ratio you can then multiple each ImageJ "Area" measurement by the conversion ratio. 
  15. On the right side of the spreadsheet dedicate 5 columns to the measurements
  16. Column 1 (C1) = Date, C2 = Tray, C3 = Oyster Number, C4 = Area measure, C5 = converted area measurement
  17. Fill in columns with appropriate info
  18. Save file as Excel workbook in eagle/dermochelys/ImageJake with just the tray label and date info
  19. Copy and paste the 5 right side columns into the google sheets master document on Google docs
  20. Repeat process for each image. This should create two files for each image, a raw data and a converted data file. 

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