Friday, July 24, 2015

7 23 2015 PGE/EP4 qPCR 2

Today I ran duplicates for the targets I ran last week. I'm hoping to get strong replicates for analysis. Here I ran the PGE/EP4 which last week had issues with the NTC. 


1638PGE/EP4_FWDACAGCGACGGACGATTTTCTJH5/21/20152055O.luridaProstaglandin E2 receptor EP4 subtype (PGE receptor EP4 subtype) (PGE2 receptor EP4 subtype) (Prostanoid EP4 receptor)P32240
1637PGE/EP4_REVATGGCAGACGTTACCCAACAJH5/21/20152055O.luridaProstaglandin E2 receptor EP4 subtype (PGE receptor EP4 subtype) (PGE2 receptor EP4 subtype) (Prostanoid EP4 receptor)P32240

Reagent Table:
VolumeReactions X116
Ssofast Evagreen MM101160
FWD Primer0.558
REV Primer0.558
1:9 cDNA9
  1. Added reagents from greatest to least volume
  2. Vortexed
  3. Centrifuged briefly
  4. Pipetted 11 ul Master Mix to each tube
  5. Pipetted 9 ul of 1:9 cDNA each column using a channel pipetter
  6. Centrifuged plate at 2000 rpm for 1 minute
  7. Ran Program Below
Initiation95 C10 min
Elongation95 C30 sec
60 C1 min
72 C30 sec
Repeat Elongation 39 times
Termination95 C1 min
55 C1 sec
Melt Curve Manual ramp 0.2C per sec Read 0.5 C55 - 95 C30 sec
21 C10 min
Plate Layout:
DNased 42215 HC1DNased 42215 NC1DNased 42215 SC1DNased 42215 HT1 1DNased 42215 NT1 1DNased 42215 ST1 1NTC
DNased 42215 HC2DNased 42215 NC2DNased 42215 SC2DNased 42215 HT1 2DNased 42215 NT1 2DNased 42215 ST1 2NTC
DNased 42215 HC3DNased 42215 NC3DNased 42215 SC3DNased 42215 HT1 3DNased 42215 NT1 3DNased 42215 ST1 3NTC
DNased 42215 HC4DNased 42215 NC4DNased 42215 SC4DNased 42215 HT1 4DNased 42215 NT1 4DNased 42215 ST1 4NTC
DNased 42215 HC5DNased 42215 NC5DNased 42215 SC5DNased 42215 HT1 5DNased 42215 NT1 5DNased 42215 ST1 5
DNased 42215 HC6DNased 42215 NC6DNased 42215 SC6DNased 42215 HT1 6DNased 42215 NT1 6DNased 42215 ST1 6
DNased 42215 HC7DNased 42215 NC7DNased 42215 SC7DNased 42215 HT1 7DNased 42215 NT1 7DNased 42215 ST1 7
DNased 42215 HC8DNased 42215 NC8DNased 42215 SC8DNased 42215 HT1 8DNased 42215 NT1 8DNased 42215 ST1 8

All samples

Melt Curve
Melt Curve

The curves look good with no amplification in the NTCs. To check this run compared to the previous one, I pulled the Ct values and graphed them against one another.

The reps dont look great with alot of the second reps samples failing to amplify. I'm not sure what's causing these huge numbers of failures with the data. I'll probably need to rerun this on the CFX machine.

You can see the raw data here.

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