Monday, July 6, 2015

July 2015 Goals

These are coming in a few days late due to the holiday. Before I get to what this month's goals are lets look at how I did last month.

June 2015 Goals
  1. Run qPCR tests with chosen flanking primers and sequence expression
  2. Run qPCR tests with chosen primers to reflect populations level differences
  3. Edit Materials/Methods
  4. Write Results
  5. Have committee meeting 
  6. Write Intro/Discussion
  7. Get Married!

How I did:

  1. I did run most of the flanking primers and sequenced them. Some of the sequencing failed so I had to re run them but I finished that as well. 
  2. I ran the qPCR with several chosen primers multiple times. The data hasn't been as solid as we would like so we are attempting to fine tune the qPCR process to get more consistent data. 
  3. I failed to really edit Materials/Methods
  4. I didn't have any solid results to write up
  5. I did however have a committee meeting where we discussed my defense date. It is tentatively set based on if I can produce useful results and write them up this month. 
  6. I didn't write an intro or discussion
  7. I did get married successfully. 
Overall I see that I got caught up on the lab work aspects of my goals. I was also consumed with figuring out the best way to analyze the data which took up a lot of time but its necessary to be able to write proper results. Overall I need to get my act together this month if I stand a chance of meeting my deadlines for next month. 

July 2015 Goals
  1. Finalize analysis script for R to produce expression data and graphs. 
    1. Due by 7/9
  2. Edit Mat/Meth
    1. Due by 7/13
  3. Edit Chapter 1
    1. Due by 7/15
  4. Produce Graphs 
    1. Due by 7/17
  5. Re-run a host of qPCR with fine tuned protocol to produce consistent data. 
    1. Due by 7/20
  6. Write Results
    1. Due by 7/20
  7. Write Intro/Discussion
    1. Due by 7/23
  8. Complete Thesis Rough Draft
    1. Due by 7/29

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